Atelier wedding planner


There is little information available on the profession of Wedding Planner.
You would like to become a Wedding Planner and have many questions left unanswered?
You would like to create a Wedding Planner agency but don’t know where to start or you would like to avoid making mistakes in creating your project?
Bulle & Tulle introduces you to the profession of wedding planner using its experience to provide you with all you need to know about this profession.
For a half-day, you will meet with a planner who will advise you on your project.
The Bulle & Tulle team meets with you during individual sessions providing you with answers to your questions and offering you a personalised service. This allows you to ask any questions you would like.
We meet with you in the place where everything begins, and is decided and planned right down to the smallest detail: our showroom.

We discuss in particular the following themes:

  • Presentation of the company and participants and of the wedding planning process
  • The world of weddings in France
  • Becoming a wedding planner or creating one’s own company (according to the needs of the participants)
  • The various offers recommended by a wedding planner
  • The address book
  • Learning on how to make oneself known
  • Steps in planning a “standard” wedding
  • Advice of a wedding planner
  • Answers to all questions

The added benefits: …

  • Workshop in the showroom of Bulle & Tulle by Camille de Luca
  • Programme truly adapted to the expectations of participants
  • Providing essential documents relating to wedding planning

Duration of workshop: half a day (morning or afternoon)

Number of participants: 4 to 8 (if the group has more than 8 persons or for private classes, contact us)

Location of workshop: Showroom of Bulle & Tulle – 4, rue de Monceau – 75008 PARIS

Cost of workshop: 200€, all taxes included

Date: Contact us to schedule a meeting at: contact@bulle-et-tulle.com

P1120055 090402-115