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In order to provide the best response to all your needs, we offer various services:

Comprehensive Planning:

The Bulle & Tulle team plans your wedding with you and makes it special. We create a wedding profile together and recommend a customised wedding reflecting your style and personality. Bulle & Tulle introduces you to quality and trustworthy service providers chosen by you. We also provide original and unique decorations that directly correspond to your theme and colours. Our wedding planner assists you at numerous meetings during the preparation phase and provides you with personalised advice to ensure that the planning process is stress-free. We plan the festivities together and after obtaining your approval,   contact the service providers you have selected for your wedding. On D-day, the coordinators are the first to arrive and the last to leave. They discretely oversee your day, handle any unexpected changes and deal with last minute problems relieving you of all responsibility thereby ensuring that your special day runs smoothly.

Partial planning:

You have already found the place for your reception or you have no time to look for all of the important service providers or you would like to be sure of your service providers: Bulle & Tulle and its wedding planners will organise everything for you while leaving you with the final decision and assist you in all preparations – finding remaining service providers, advice, decoration, coordinating events on D-day…

Coordinating events on D-day:

If there is one thing we are certain of at Bulle & Tulle, it is the possibility of the unexpected   arising on the day of your wedding, and if there is one day when married couples should not have to worry about anything, it is without a doubt their wedding day. The experience of the Bulle & Tulle team and its wedding planners has shown that to plan and coordinate a wonderful wedding day, more is needed than a few phone calls and e-mail exchanges to ensure success on D-day. We contact each service provider, and thoroughly review their contracts but also their expectations in order to establish a detailed programme for the day of your wedding and ensure that the planning process is conducted as smoothly as possible. On D-day, a wedding planner team is present all day until the end of the event.
Our role is to plan and discretely oversee your day to respond to anything unexpected, settle all last-minute problems and relieve you of all coordination responsibilities and ensure the smooth running of this unique day.

Decorations & Coordination on D-day:

The Bulle & Tulle team has a real passion for decorations. Your wedding planners provide you with ideas from a list of what’s trendy which we regularly up-date in order to find original, refined and unique decorations especially created for your wedding. We are continually in search of inspiration to find ideas, which will delight you and your guests. This service is combined with the coordination of D-day to enable you to fully enjoy your day.


Would you like to plan your wedding yourself but have no idea where to start? Are you afraid of forgetting important things in the planning of your wedding? Would you like personalised advice throughout the entire preparation phase? Would you like to plan your wedding with an experienced professional and not forget anything on D-day….Our wedding planner team is there to answer all of your questions to best assist you in the planning of your wedding.