Jane & Jean-Paul

Date of wedding: 25 juin 2011
Location: Mayenne

Since we are not from France and we wouldn’t be spending much time there before the wedding, we needed a professionals on site who had the right contacts and could organize the details for us.

Thank god we found Bulle et Tulle!

They were extremely organized, helped us find the best service providers and accompanied us during our visits when finalizing our choices.

More importantly they quickly understood our preferences and wishes.

Camille as excellent taste ans she suggested so many details that we would not have though of.

We worked closely with her and with her plnner who was very proactive and kept us ahead os all our deadlines.

Finally, during the wedding weekend, they were invaluable. They kept everything working so smmothly that we did not have to worry about anything ad we could focus on enjoying our wedding !
Galerie Photo de Jane et Jean-Paul