Lauren et Yashar

Date of wedding : 16 et 17 juin 2009
Location : Yonne

When we first began to talk about our wedding, my husband and I thought we would be able to manage it by ourselves and plan a perfect day. This illusion lasted about five seconds before we realised the logistical scale of importing 100 guests from all over the world, managing to transport them from the centre of Paris to a chateau in the middle of the woods, and all of the other important details were simply too much for us to handle alone- nevermind the fact that neither of us are French, and only one of us spoke the language!

When we began to look for a wedding planner, we were disappointed by the people we met who told us they either couldn’t plan an “English-style” wedding in France, or quoted us astronomical prices. They seemed negativ from the beginning, and we began to think maybe the wedding wouldn’t be possible as we envisioned it. Then, we met Camille de Luca of Bulle et Tulle. From the first meeting we knew we had found our wedding planner- not only did she posess an incredible “can-do” attitude, but she also had excellent taste, and great ideas- most importantly, she could see what we wanted our day to be like.

Over the next year of planning, Camille and her team were completely professional yet wonderfully warm and friendly. From legal paperwork to dragee colour selecting, she oversaw every detail to make sure everything ran splendidly. Even at times when we thought the whole wedding was falling apart- from non-existant guests to possible tropical-storm rain cancelling the event, she kept a cool head and managed to calm us down as well. We trusted her implicitly and knew when we asked for something, she would try her best to get it done- come rain or shine!

Before long, the day of the wedding arrived and we were DAZZLED. It was like a scene from a movie- the decoration, the food, the candles, the planning- everything was perfect and we were blown away that this was actually OUR wedding! The guests were amazed and everyone is still talking about how unforgettable and perfect it was- thanks all to Camille and her team at Bulle et Tulle.

For anyone considering hiring Bulle et Tulle as their event planner, we can’t recommend her enough. An incredible eye for detail, an amazing wedding planner, and a lovely person, Camille is the perfect package for what someone in this line of business should be. We can’t thank her enough!